12 Februari 2010

Indonesia Eyes Chinese ASMs

12 Februari 2010

China's C-705 ASMs can reach 75km or 170km with 2nd stage added (photo : Sinodefence, China Defence Mashup)

Dozens of Chinese-built anti-ship missiles (ASMs) may soon be acquired by the Indonesian Navy following trials if continuing, negotiations with China prove successful.

The Indonesian Navy is believed to be considering placing an order for C-802 Anti-Ship Missiles (ASMs) for the navy’s fleet of fast patrol boats and Van Speijk Class frigates if testing gives positive results.

Discussions with China to also purchase the smaller and cheaper C-705 ASMs are ongoing. If successful, these will also be carried by the Navy’s fast patrol boats and Van Speijk frigates.

Indonesia’s inability to develop its own domestic missiles continues to make the country reliant on foreign technology; however state-owned naval shipbuilder PT Pal does have the technology to integrate weapons systems imported from foreign manufacturers onto existing TNI-AL vessels.

PT Pal acquired the integration technology as part of an original deal with China’s National Precision Machinery Import and Export Corporation when two YJ-2/C-802 ASMs were fitted onto one of the Navy’s PB-57 large patrol craft in 2008.

The size of the order is unknown, however industry sources believe it will be sizable if sufficient funding can be raised by Indonesia for the deal.

(Asian Military Review)

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