06 Februari 2010

ST Shows Underwater Robot

6 Februari 2010

Starfish-autonomous underwater vehicle (photo : NUS)

ST Electronics is unveiling the Starfish Autonomous Underwater Vehicle at the 2010 Singapore Airshow.

Starfish is a 200mm self-propelled autonomus underwater robot, designed for commercial, oceanic, research or military users. The underwater robot was developed by the Acoustic Research Lab of the Tropical Marine Science Institute at the National University of Singapore and is currently being commercialized in collaboration with ST Electronics.

On a mission, Starfish is programmed to follow a route to carry out a routine mission, employing on-board sensors to sample the surrounding seawater or seabed as it moves through the ocean. Starfish can be programmed to carry out spatial and time series measurements. It can also be used to inspect ship hulls, and perform seabed surveys, environmental studies and marine surveys.

(Aviation Week - Singapore Airshow 2010 Supplement)

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STARFISH Autonomous Underwater Vehicle 200mm (AUV)
1 Februari 2010

System control for Starfish (photo : NUS)

The STARFISH Autonomous Underwater Vehicle 200mm (AUV) is a robotic device that is driven through the water by a propulsion system. It is controlled and piloted by an onboard computer. The AUV is able to follow a route suitable for various applications. Sensors on board the AUV allow it to sample the surrounding seawater, as the AUV moves through the ocean. This provides the ability to make spatial and time series measurements. The AUV can be used in various commercial, oceanic research and military applications. Some of the commercial applications involve surveying the seabed, environmental studies and maritime surveys as well as ship hull inspection. In military applications, it can be used for underwater surveillance and threat detection.

The technology for the STARFISH AUV was developed by the Acoustics Research Laboratory of the Tropical Marine Science Institute at the National University of Singapore. It is now being commercialised in collaboration with ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) Pte Ltd.


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