19 Februari 2010

ST Marine Unveils ROPAX and LST

19 Februari 2010

Ropax support ship (photo : KLSR)

The New Fleet Support Ship Kehai Something ROPAX Much Regional Concerns

Basically, there are three countries in Southeast Asia with a modified business rules into a military cargo ship capacity, one is Malaysia MMHE, the PT PAL Indonesia and Singapore's new Multi-lateral. This is only KLS present observations.

In addition, Malaysia also has improved business regulations to become a military cargo ship records, in June 2009, Malaysia 699 TEU container vessels to improve to become naval auxiliary ships, and deployed to the Gulf of Aden, the implementation of escort missions, is responsible for ship container ship to converted Shipyard for Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Sdn Bhd (MMHE).

PT PAL Indonesia, held in 2008 during the INDODEFENCE, announced to the development of basic structure of bulk carriers to introduce full load displacement of 35,000 tonnes of Indonesian version of the helicopter carrier, flight deck stranded six ship-borne helicopters, the captain about 190 meters!

This is the important development of shipbuilding industry in Southeast Asia a new page!

Singapore New Kehai something, you are also on the basis of ROPAX merchant fleet to support the development of a new ship, new things ROPAX Kehai fleet support ship program, announced back in IMDEX 2009, when the new stand Kehai things appear ROPAX fleet support ship, Commercial Painting.

In the 2010 Singapore Air Show, the new thing once again launched Kehai coating ROPAX naval fleet support ship program.

At present, ROPAX fleet support ship any order yet, but the prospect of much good, at least in the Southeast Asian market, it is a great potential, Malaysia is one of them!
Landing Ship Tank 125m (photo : KLSR)

The new thing in 2009, published Kehai ROPAX ship fleet support program immediately after the Southeast Asian countries are concerned about the shipbuilding industry, in which the author visits to Indonesia in 2009 when the shipbuilding industry, who is also from Indonesia, the Indonesian understand also noted ROPAX ship fleet support program.

"Good design, easy to use, the price will be cheaper than the army to ship, but with a variety of marine supply mission capabilities." An Indonesian defense industry, who read the KLS shot ROPAX fleet support ship program picture After the first sentence says, say so.

In addition, in this time of the Singapore Airshow, the new captain Kehai things have also introduced a 125-meter landing ship tank program, but the design of the program structure is like 90's design.

In this regard, the new Multi-lateral revealed that 125 meters of landing ship tank is the new thing the first Denk Kehai landing ship, but then there are now 141-meter-long landing ships tank, and exported to Thailand.

Malaysia should consider ROPAX program! Do not see where this ship is not suitable for Malaysia! Only inappropriate, Kong Bo is the political conditions!

Basically, it is consistent with the minimum military requirements!

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