08 Februari 2010

A SWAK from ST Kinetic

8 Februari 2010

SWAK : smart wing adapter kit used for smart bomb (photo : DesignationSystem)

Singapore's ST Kinetics has unveiled a new precision range extension kit for dumb bombs, the Smart Adaptor Adapter Kit or SWAK. The SWAK is a pop-out wing system that can be strapped to a standard 500lb, 1,000lb or 2,000lb general-purpose bomb allowing the modified weapon to glide for 65km or more. A tail firing include incorporates a GPS-aided inertial navigation system that gives the weapon a precision attack capability over long ranges. The SWAK can be carried by most fighter aircraft, says ST Kinetics, with or without a MIL STD 1760 weapon bus connector.

ST Kinetics is partnering on the program with U.S. based Precision Strike Technologies LLC, of whom nothing is known. According to ST Kinetics the complete SWAK system is supplied by PST and integrated in Singapore from where is it exclusively available for onward sale.

(Aviation Week - Singapore Airshow 2010 supplement)

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