26 Februari 2010

NHF-90 Demos Selex Sonic System in Australia

26 Februari 2010

NHF-90 deployed the sonic sensor for a dip (photo : Selex)

SELEX Galileo’s sonic system OTS-90 successfully showcased in Sydney on board the NH-90 (NFH) SELEX Galileo’s sonic system OTS-90 was demonstrated successfully during recent flight trials performed in Australia. In a demo flight during the PAC2010 Exhibition, the helicopter NH90 (NHF) deployed the sonic sensor for a dip just in front of the Sidney Opera House.

SELEX Galileo’s OTS-90 is an integrated system combining dipping sonar and sonobuoys. The system will equip the MFH ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare) fleet of the Italian Navy (Marina Militare) (46 Systems) and the Dutch Navy (14 Systems). The OTS System was developed to meet the requirements of the 4 partner Nations of the NH-90 programme: Germany, France, Netherlands and Italy.

OTS-90 is an integrated system to early detect and classify any potential underwater threat. (photo : Selex)

SELEX Galileo is the prime contractor and design authority for the integrated system and for sonobuoys, while the dipping sonar derives from L-3OS HELRAS (USA), the only true low frequency sonar currently available, capable of detecting and classifying targets at extremely long range, both in blue waters and brown waters. The system can also operate in multistatic modes. The OTS-90 is currently in production for a first batch of 20 systems. Moreover, SELEX Galileo was recently assigned a contract by NHI for the production of a second batch of 20 systems.

(Selex Galileo)

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