18 Juni 2011

Enstrom 480B Assigned Began Active Duty in Army Aviation Center

18 Juni 2011

Enstrom 480B of the Royal Thai Army (photos: Thierry Gsab)

The Army on June 14 of each year, the officials at the Army Aviation Center to commemorate the bravery and courage of the officers of the Army Aviation Center, all in the past and present.

In aviation, the Army this year. In addition to the merit of charity dedicated to people who lost their lives on duty then. The Army Commander also visited the Army Aviation Center to participate in the ceremony to take delivery of Enstrom 480B training helicopter with the Army stationed an official in Thailand.

Enstrom 480B is a 5-seat helicopter, manufactured in the United States, the Royal Thai Army to supply 16 aircraft to replace the number of TH-300 helicopters wich will be retired. The model used to turbo-charge of a Rolls-Royce 250-C20W maximum altitude of 13,000 feet range 700 kilometers by flying. These helicopters are used as government agencies such as The Border Protection of Estonia, Indonesia's police, and Japan Land Self-Defense Forces and mosst recently by the Royal Thai Army. Enstrom 480B helicopter pilots to get training before they move to the helicopter flown by the Army to force the other to the third anniversary of the delivery of 16 helicopters and aircraft are stationed.

In addition, the number of Mi-17V5 Enstrom 480B and a third aircraft was flown to the island, among the performance of the army and military officers who attended the ceremony to watch as well. It was held that the Army will get four new aircraft is a Mi-17V5, Enstrom 408B, AH-1F and another four aircraft and three UH-60L Black Hawk and another aircraft.

The army commander was also the opening of a new Army Aviation Museum as well. Which contain historical information and items are stored many. If you are interested to visit the museum can be reached at Army Aviation Center. HRH Prince's browser. Khao Phra Ngam Muang Lop Buri.

Schweizer/Sikorsky TH-300 (photo : Steve Darke)

Like to thank you THIERRY GSAB.'s General support aviation fleet. Army Aviation Center. This supports the general aviation fleet, both UH-1H, CH-47D, and Mi-17V5 active here.

(Thai Armed Force)

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