20 Juni 2011

Simlat Delivers UAS Training System to the RAAF

20 Juni 2011

The Heron carries an Electro-Optical MOSP-3000 payload, carrying FLIR and video cameras and a laser designator system (photo: Defense-Update)

Herzliya, Israel - Simlat Ltd. announces the delivery of a customized Heron UAS payload operator training system to the Australian Air Force. The simulator is designed to provide focused training for the payload operator, and supports diverse training goals, from basic operation to mission rehearsal and intensive currency training. Simlat's customized system immerses the customer in a realistic replica of the operational environment by providing high-end simulation of payload, sensors, platform, and operational station, and by adjusting mission scenario contents by the RAAF. The training system is also equipped with a STANAG 4609 metadata output, allowing the RAAF to easily stream this data into any standard-supporting device, such as Imagery Analysis systems.

"Apart from providing a synthetic training capability for our student EO/IR Payload Operators, we have been able to use the video output from the trainer as the input for our replica Intelligence processing, exploitation and dissemination centre, thus enabling real time interaction between the Payload Operator, Intelligence Officer and Geospatial Imagery Analysts on various scenarios.", says David Riddel, Program NANKEEN IPT Lead. "We currently have the Simlat Payload Operator trainer supplying real time synthetic FMV to our SOCET, MAAS, KESTREL and FalconView environment, giving us a fantastic interactive training capability without the cost of putting a real aircraft in the air.


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