22 Juni 2011

Visit the Most Advanced Missile Staging the World in Vietnam

22 Juni 2011

S-300: distance detection is 300 km, destroying targets in close range is 5 km, the distance is 150 km distance, altitude 27,000 m and the lowest is 10 meters. (all photos : Quansuvn/QDND)

Air Defense - Air Force recently held for the union officials, journalists and news agencies, press relations and sightseeing air workout recombinant S-300PMU1 missile air defense mission of the 64 - 361 air defense divisions.

Sports teams have to stand between the sun to see the training unit, but the sun is not up to the top of the dump fire drills have been completed since the process started and controlled combination of S-300 PMU1 operation takes only a few minutes.

S-300PMU1 System is not missiles range produced by the Russian Federation, is considered the most sophisticated appearance on the world arms market today. (The system owns Russian S-400, more modern S-300 but not exported. It is expected that the next time, Russia will complete the research and manufacture of air defense systems S-500, more modern , has a range of warfare in space).

Compare features with the U.S. Patriot missile, the S-300 PMU1 remarkable, as the farthest distance to destroy, destroy the highest altitude, velocity target the largest extinction; weight of the warhead, protected area coverage of air defense weaponry S-300 PMU1 also larger.

The complex missile defense system is not dynamic, multi-channel used to destroy all means of modern air raid of the enemy in the present and future, including strategic aircraft and tactics, the kind of strategic ballistic missiles, campaign-strategy at all elevations, velocities, under all conditions with intense noise and the technical tricks, different tactics.

Lieutenant Colonel Le Van Thanh - Doan Doan 64 air defense - said receiving unit has several weapons this year. Equipped with a combination of non determination of the Party, State and people, are receiving and using the most modern weapons was an honor and responsibility of the unit.

To master modern weaponry, the unit outside officials to study in your country of access to scientific and technological world while improving accountability, academic research, creative application of scientific and public technology, combat readiness, to cope with the situations occurring in the air, protecting the skies of Hanoi capital and the north.

With these weapons, air defense forces to preserve the peace of mind the sky of the country.


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