04 Juni 2011

US to Deploy Littoral Combat Ships to Singapore

04 Juni 2011

Freedom class LCS. The LCS is a fast, highly manoeuverable, networked surface combat ship. (photo : Lockheed Martin)

SINGAPORE: United States (US) Defence Secretary Robert Gates said the US plans to deploy littoral combat ships to Singapore and seek ways to work with its military.

"In Singapore, we are strengthening our bi-lateral defence relationship within the context of the Strategic Framework Agreement and pursuing more operational engagement.

Independence class LCS. In both designs, the sprint speed of 40kt to 50kt results in the body of the hull being lifted out of the water as much as possible. (photo : General Dynamics)

"Most notably, by deploying US Littoral Combat Ships to Singapore. We are examining other ways to increase opportunities for our two militaries to train and operate together," he said at the question & answer session after the First Plenary Session - Emerging Security Challenges in the Asia-Pacific at the 10th IISS Asia Security Summit The Shangri-La Dialogue here today.

Gates said the US was looking to prepositioning supplies to improve disaster
response, improving command and control capabilities and expanding training opportunities.

"This is to help prepare our forces for the challenges both militaries face operating in the Pacific," he added.


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