15 Juli 2011

Force Protection Submits Ocelot for Redfin Bid

15 Juli 2011

Ocelot tactical vehicle (photo : Force Protection)

Force Protection Europe has confirmed that it has bid its Weapons Pod version of the Ocelot protected patrol vehicle in response to a request for information released under Australia’s Project Redfin Special Forces mobility requirement.

The pod was unveiled as a static hull at the IDEX show in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in February and the company hoped to display it fitted to the Ocelot protected ‘skateboard’ chassis at the Protected Mobility Display & Sustainment Conference at Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK in late June, but the testing regime of the nine Ocelots built so far precluded that.

Redfin’s next Phase (1B) is for the procurement, by open tender, of variants required to provide the balance of Special Forces (ie Commando) land mobility.

According to the latest DCP the Special Operations Vehicle (SOV)-Commando element will be sourced through open tender, the SOV-Support through restricted tender, and the SOV Logistics through either open or restricted tender (subject to linkages with Land 121 Phase 3).

Following is our understanding of their broad requirements:

SOV-CDO: the requirement here is for an open vehicle with considerable speed and agility, and able to carry up to eight personnel.

It would need mounts for a range of weapons including the M2A2 .50 cal machine gun, the 40mm Mk19 AGL and Javelin. It would certainly need some mine and IED protection and possibly add-on crew protection (composites).

SOV-LOG: this will be a similar vehicle to the above but configured for supply and support operations.

SOV-SPT: this requirement is for a very different vehicle, similar to an up-armoured Toyota Land Cruiser type with IED and RPG protection, and possibly including a remote weapons station (RWS).

Designed for training and for discrete urban operations this vehicle would be used mainly by the ADF’s two Tactical Assault Groups (East and West).

We believe that requirements for a surveillance and recce SOV have yet to be determined, nevertheless it is anticipated that this would be an agile 4x4 vehicle equipped with day/night surveillance that enhances forward and rearward visibility.

It is anticipated that contenders for Phase 1A’s up-to-50 vehicle requirement (with a delayed RFT expected end of first quarter 2011) will include the Supacat SPV400 and the Force Protection Ocelot.

Supacat have provided Nary SF vehicles with the High Mobility Extenda series.

Delay in introducing them into service has mainly been due to difficulties with the communications fit.


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