09 Juli 2011

Renault Trucks Defense Last Range of Wheeled Armoured with VAB Mark II and Sherpa at BRIDEX 2011

09 Juli 2011

Renault Trucks Defense booth at International Defence Exhibition BRIDEX 2011
(photo : Army Recognition)

Renault Trucks Defense presents for the first time in Asia its new generation of wheeled armoured vehicles personnel carrier, the VAB Mark II and the Sherpa APC. The army of Brunei uses at this time first generation of wheeled armoured vehicles VAB which was manufactured by the French Company Renault Trucks Defense.

Within the framework of a project of modernization of its army, Brunei could buy a new wheeled armoured vehicle meeting the new threats of the battlefield and the needs for the future.The VAB Mark 2 is a modernized version of its wheeled armoured vehicle personnel carrier VAB. With its first-generation armored vehicle VAB (Vehicle de l’Avant Blindé), Renault Trucks has demonstrated the reliability and capabilities of this type of military vehicle, with more than 5,000 units used in the French army in over 30 versions, and several thousand copies in operations in many armed forces worldwide. To meet the new needs of the armed forces, as well as new threats of the battlefield, Renault Trucks Defense has started about two years ago a study phase for upgrading and improving its standard vehicle VAB.

Renault Trucks Defense VAB Mark II during a dynamic presentation at BRIDEX 2011, Brunei. (photo : Army Recognition)

The second armored vehicle presented by Renault Trucks Defense at the BRIDEX 2011 is the Sherpa Light Scout. The Sherpa Light Scout (former Sherpa 2) is one of the six versions of the SHERPA LIGHT family of 4x4 tactical and light armoured vehicles developed by Renault Trucks Defense. Available in unarmoured or armoured variants (balistic, mine and IED kits), the Scout is ideally suited for tactical missions such as scouting, patrol, convoy escort and command and liaison. It is able to transport up to 4 or 5 soldiers or a total payload of up to 4 tonnes.

Renault Trucks Defense Sherpa Light Scout during a dynamic presentation at BRIDEX 2011, Brunei. (photo : Army Recognition)

With its Renault MD-5 diesel engine developing 215 hp and one of the highest ground clearance of the market, the Sherpa Light Scout is a high mobility vehicle able to cross any obstacle including gradients of up to 100%.

The Sherpa is in service in undisclosed NATO countries and Indonesia.

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