27 Juli 2011

Trilogy Delivers Audio Communications Capability to the Malaysian Armed Forces

27 Juli 2011

Mercury ES (all photos : Trilogy)

Trilogy, a world class supplier of voice communications technologies for the defence sector announced today that it has been selected to provide a sophisticated voice communications capability to the Malaysian Armed Forces.

The prime contractor, Pembekal Alaf Baru SDN BHD, has won the contract to integrate existing and new radio assets across multiple sites within the Malaysian territory. It provides a communications system that is able to extend the range and resilience of radio traffic whilst offering the potential for multi-level and cross domain security features.

Mercury ES will allow the extension of radio communications over IP ensuring that neither range nor geography disrupts those communications, banishing any possibility of a black spot. This guarantee of service allows the Malaysian Armed Forces to optimise its network enabled operations. As the various participants are able to freely share and assess information in real time, they are able to capitalise on their situational awareness to increase mission effectiveness.

"We are delighted to have been selected to work with the Malaysian Armed Forces" said Mark Ellis, Business Development Director, Trilogy Communications. He continued, "This further consolidates Trilogy’s position within the global defence and intelligence communities in the region.”

Mercury ES, a COTS product, is already successfully deployed in a number of countries around the world and completed rigorous assessments during the competition phase of the Malaysian Armed Forces contract. Unprecedented in terms of quality, sophistication and speed, Mercury ES makes information sharing and decision making across organisations easier than ever.

Mercury ES operates on LANs/WANs over terrestrial or satellite-based IP networks. Users can participate in multiple communications simultaneously - including direct, conference and monitor-only. In addition, radios, telephones and other technologies can be linked to the system to provide users with a unified communications control panel.

As a key element of the contract Trilogy will provide training and support of the communications system. Trilogy is looking forward to working closely with its partner in Malaysia, PAB, on the implementation of this project, it’s through life support and future sales of mission critical Mercury ES systems to other military and governmental organisations in Malaysia.


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