26 Juli 2011

PN Conduct Amphibious Exercise PAGSISIKAP 2011

26 Juli 2011

LC-550 Baocold City (photo : Oocities)

Philippine Navy will again test its capability to conduct amphibious landing operations as force provider of the Armed of the Philippines that can perform mandated tasks utilizing its forces through sea, land and air. This year’s Exercise PAGSISIKAP 2011 will commence on 19 until 23 of July 2011 in Manila Bay and Marine Base Gregorio Lim (MBGL) in Ternate, Cavite. Two (2) Philippine Navy ships will be utilizes; the BRP Bacolod City (LC 551) and BRP Quezon (PS70) with the Naval Special Operations Group (NAVSOG) and the Naval Air Group (NAG) of the Philippine Fleet that will comprise the sea and air components respectively. The 6th Marine Battalion of the Philippine Marine Corps which is capable in special operations warfare will compose the land component. Naval reservists will also be utilized as force multiplier in this exercise.

LTCOL SAMUEL T MONGCAL PN(M)(GSC), Exercise Director PAGSISIKAP 2011 said that Amphibious EXERCISE PAGSISIKAP 2011 is being conducted in order to test and validate existing doctrine of Fleet-Marine Concept of Operations focusing on Amphibious Landing Operations and further improve and enhance interoperability between Fleet and Marine units.

PS-70 Quezon (photo : Timawa)

Series of ships and ground training/evolutions will be conducted in this exercise such as Refresher Training (lectures and drills) on amphibious planning embarkation, rehearsals, movement and assault during the Pre-Command Post Exercise. The Command Post Exercise (CPX) will involve Fleet-Marine Planning Process (FMPP), sea control and maneuver, Communications, Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (CISR) and Maritime Interdiction aboard ships. Also includes Forward Sustainment and Sea-basing and Sustains Operations Ashore that will culminate on the actual conduct of Boat Raid and Amphibious Landing Operations at Marine Base Gregorio Lim (MBGL), Ternate, Cavite on the last day of the exercise.

A total of 95 Officers and 556 Enlisted Personnel composed of Sailors and Marines will participate in this exercise.

(Philippine Navy)

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