30 Agustus 2011

Plans to Improve Air Base in Palawan Underway

30 Agustus 2011

Nomad of the PAF (photo : Reuters)

ISABELA CITY, Basilan — As part of the development program being pushed to improve the capabilities of the Armed Forces’ services in the province of Palawan, the planning team from the 570th Composite Tactical Wing (CTW) sat down with its counterpart from the Western Command (WESCOM) and the Naval Forces West (NFW) to map out the development of the air base in Palawan.

In a press release, the 6th Civil Relations Group of the Armed Forces of the Philippines reveals that a two-day conference was held last August 18 and 19 to formulate the Master Development Plan of Antonio Bautista Air Base (ABAB).

ABAB is one of the nine air bases eyed for the priority development programs of the Philippine Air Force (PAF).

Maximizing the use of its land resources is the primary objective of coming up with a Master Development Plan for ABAB. The lay-outs of the land areas of both WESCOM and NFW were integrated inconceptualizing the plan since the two are adjacent to ABAB.

As the three military headquarters share some common needs, the planners aim to come up with a strategic design that would serve as a basis for deciding where to put up a facility, like a hospital for instance, that is most convenient and accessible to all.

Equally important is that conceptualizing the Master Development Plan would allow the planners todecide what project is most suited to a certain land area so as to maximize its utilization.

Experts have been consulted in formulating the conceptual plan for ABAB. For instance, with the help of an environmentalist, the effect of a certain project on the natural environment has been assessed and taken into consideration.

Should the National Headquarters approve the plan and the National Government provide the fund for its implementation right after, it would not only translate to an improved headquarters’ lay-out, but it would also mean better services for the people.

(Zamboanga Times)

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