28 Juni 2013

Chemring Awarded AUD3.07m to Develop Electronic Warfare Capabilities

28 Juni 2013

Chemring Group companies are the world leaders in the design, development and manufacture, of advanced expendable countermeasure suites for protecting air, sea and land platforms against guided missile threats (photo : Chemring)

Chemring Australia awarded AUD3.07m funding by the Australian Government’s Priority Industry Capability Innovation Program to develop Electronic Warfare capabilities.

Chemring Australia has been awarded a AUD3.07m (GST exclusive) Priority Industry Capability Innovation Program Grant by the Australian Government.  The AUD3.07m in matched funding from the Australian Government will support the development of an Australian designed, manufactured and supported Electronic Attack solution for sale in the domestic and international markets.  This capability will interface with, and complement, the existing Electronic Surveillance System ‘Resolve’ developed by Chemring Technology Solutions (‘CTS’), a sister company of Chemring Australia based in the UK.  Chemring Australia will work closely with CTS to achieve these outcomes.

The funding will also support the establishment of an Australian capability to support the design, development, systems integration, manufacture and support of complex electronic systems.  This will initially be achieved by the transfer of skills and technology from CTS.

“The award of this funding is a significant step in the development of Chemring Australia’s capabilities” said Mark Hender, Managing Director of Chemring Australia. “Chemring has already demonstrated a willingness to transfer capabilities to support the Australia Defence Force with the establishment of a state-of-the-art air-launched countermeasures manufacturing facility that was commissioned in 2012.  This funding will allow us to do the same in the electronic warfare domain.”

About Priority Industry Capability Innovation Program

The Priority Industry Capability (PIC) Innovation Program is an Australian Government initiative, providing direct support in the form of repayable, matched grants, to Australian defence companies. The program particularly focuses on assisting small to medium sized enterprises to pursue innovative defence industry projects.


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