26 Juni 2013

Defence Wins Bt3.4bn Budget for Airbus ACJ320 Jet

26 Juni 2013

Airbus ACJ320 (photo : Airbus)

The Cabinet on Tuesday approved the acquisition of Airbus ACJ320, as requested by the Defence Ministry's Royal Thai Air Force.

Of total cost approved, Bt3.18 billion is for the aircraft and the remaining Bt181 million is for the hangar. 

The Royal Thai Air Force said that the aircraft would be reserved for VIP guests. 

According to Airbus, the ACJ320 features the most spacious cabin in the corporate jet market, with the same cross section as the ACJ318 and ACJ319.

With almost 100 square metres of cabin floor area, an infinite number of cabin arrangements can be accommodated. The ACJ320 cabin can be fully customised to include separate lounges, a large master bedroom, and a dedicated area for accompanying staff.

(Nation Multimedia)

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