05 Juni 2013

Dutch Firm Gets Green Light for Military Exports to Indonesia

05 Juni 2013

Indonesia signed a purchase of one Sigma 10514 frigate on June 2012 worth USD 220 mio (€168 mio). The value of €345 mio likely a purchase of two frigates (photo : Defense Studies)

The cabinet has given the green light to a Dutch firm to export frigate parts to the value of €345m to Indonesia, the NRC reports on Wednesday.

The company, which was not named in the parliamentary briefing, will make the deliveries via a shipyard in Romania and another in Indonesia, the NRC said. The ships themselves will be built in those countries.

This procedure, says the cabinet, does not conflict with European Union criteria on weapons exports.

Last year, the planned export of tanks to Indonesia was cancelled after a majority of MPs said they were concerned about the human rights situation in the former Dutch colony.


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