29 Juni 2013

Flight Training with Iak-52 Aircraft at 920 Air Regiment

29 Juni 2013

Iak-52 is Romanian version of Yak-52, a light trainer aircraft designed by the Yakovlev design bureau (all photos : QDND)

Q─ÉND Online - In the 920 Air Force Regiment (Air Force Officers School) at the end of June, the first impression we feel is the dedication of the staff and faculty of the forging of hard training practitioners. And the sweat pouring down their paid off .... 

Lieutenant Colonel, pilot Nguyen Van Lap, and regiment commander Colonel Phan Dang Thanh, High Commissioner of 920 Regiment said: Because faculty staff actively innovation-oriented training method positively quality grasp the knowledge and technical mastery, and flying vehicles handle on the situation of students is not significantly improved. Results graduation students flying unit Iak-52 aircraft was over 86%, an increase compared to 2012, ensuring absolute safety. 

Here are some pictures of the flight training student pilots in the 920th Regiment,

To ensure a safe flight, victory, ensuring the aerospace engineering is conducted very closely, before flying seriously.

For learners, learner training in the chamber, the chamber also called flying training, will help them become familiar with all the flying Iak-52 before soaring into the sky. 

Radiant smile before takeoff. 

Students Doan Van Canh pilot controls the aircraft runway, taking off make single flight. 


Under the looming wings ultramarine sea ... 

The green ... 

Forests same message ... 

Safe landing. 

He, game drawn after each flight experience. 


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