12 Juni 2013

China to Provide HQ-12 Missiles to Myanmar

12 Juni 2013

HQ-12 surface to air missile (photo : hangkongnet)

China has signed an agreement to provide its HongQi-12 surface-to-air missiles to Myanmar to defend its capital city of Naypyidaw from potential air attacks, according to the Kanwa Defense Review published by Andrei Chang in Canada.

The HQ-12 missile, also known as its export name of KaiShan 1A or KS-1A is a a medium- to long-range system, designed to engage missiles as well as aircraft. Malaysia initially planned to purchase the KS-1A from China in 2000 but the Malaysian government backed out after the KS-1A was unable to compete against Russia's SA-11 Buk missile system, according to the Kanwa Defense Review.

Chinese designers have since modified the outdated missile system, leading them to win the recent contract with Myanmar. A missile battalion of the People's Liberation Army Air Force is equipped with four launchers and eight missiles, with the range of KS-1A missile estimated to be 50 kilometers. The missile is likely to be deployed to Naypyidaw to defend the capital city, the review said.

Pakistan is also negotiating with the Chinese government to purchase its HQ-16 and HQ-9 surface-to-air missiles. Senior official in Pakistan told the Kanwa Defense Review that the only obstacles standing between Pakistan and China signing a contract is the current price of the missiles.


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