06 Juni 2013

HQ Hanoi Kilo Submarines Completed Testing

06 Juni 2013

HQ 182 Hanoi diesel submarine (photo : BMPD)

Itar-Tass (Russia) reported shipyard Admiratly Verfi end testing first non-nuclear submarines  HQ-182 Hanoi Vietnam People's Navy.

Shipyard Admiratly Verfi will hand over to the Vietnam People's Navy 2 diesel electric powered submarine - Project 636 Kilo class diesel this year. Under the plan, the 3rd ship will be launched in August. And this year, the 4th will be booted.

Earlier, sources in the Russian military industrial complex revealed to Itar-Tass, in December last year Kilo submarines were first program successfully completed the first test phase, in which all systems and ship's machinery works well. Diving submarine has successfully 12 times, including a deep dive.

"The national test of the first ship will be completed in the summer. By September this year will conduct trials and handed the ship over to Vietnam," the source said.

According to sources, the 2nd of Kilo submarines named Ho Chi Minh contract was launched in late 2012. Earlier in January this year, Admiratly Verfi began work finishing some categories of ships. In 3-4 months, the ship was anchored in the harbor at the trial and then the trip to sea trials.

Factory Admiratly Vefi are urgently implement the remaining vessel fabrication. In February, the plant has closed steel cutting ceremony 6 Kilo submarines for Vietnam People's Navy.

"The work was carried out exactly according to the approved schedule," said the representative of the Russian defense industry said.

During his visit to Russia in May this year, Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has stated: "We are very grateful to you Russia, who will close and transfer to Vietnam before 2016 6 Kilo class submarines under the agreement has been signed. "

According to the prime minister, this order "not only commercial in nature, but it is an expression of friendship and trust between our two countries." In addition, the Prime Minister also said that the military-technical cooperation Vietnam - Russia "does not stop at six submarines, we wait for the weapons and military technical equipment other."

In 2009, Vietnam signed a deal worth nearly $ 2 billion to buy six submarines attack non-nuclear Russian Kilo Project 636. This contract, in addition to closing the submarine also includes training sailors Vietnam, as well as providing equipment and technical supplies needed.

Non-nuclear  attacks submarine the Project 636 Kilo class submarines of the 3rd generation. Length 73.8 m, 9.9 m wide, stretch of water when submerged nearly 4,000 tons, a maximum depth of 300m.

Project 636 is designed to make submarines and anti-submarine ships, as well as creating the means to defend the naval base, the coastal road and sea reconnaissance patrol operating in the enemy lines.

The ship is equipped with 6 torpedo launchers 533mm sizes allow release of anti-submarine torpedoes and anti-ship missiles, supersonic 3M-54E Klub-S.

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  1. Di sinilah sang krakter sang peminpin di uji antara hero dan pecundang .vetnam lolos akusisi submarin kilo class kepentingan nasionalnya di utamakan 6 kilo class ."2 sudah datang .dengan avionic terbaru luar biasa vetnam, selamat !

    1. Bagaimana dgn Kita kapan nich Kilo-nya di Launching .... Hehehe. Gan, jangan2 dari sekian kilo Vietnam salah satunya juga utk Kita, byknya intel asing yg berkeliaran utk terus mengawasi seberapa besar kekuatan militer kita menjadi alasan pengadaan kilo dilakukan secara diam2

  2. Kilo kls geliat aja sudah gerii ! Jauh amat changbogo kls buatan korea bakal di makan mentah 2 kwkw ...pantesan negeri tetangga blesatan indo mau belli kilo kls .gak brisik anti sonar ,bisa yelam dikedaleman 350 meter .

  3. Para pemangku kepentingan dinegri ini lebih suka memangku cewek bahenol sambil berpikir jorok daripada berpikir buat bangsanya ...

  4. yang di dahulukan TNI nie strategi ..... soal alutsista bertahap amiien