25 Juni 2013

Freire Shipyard Build a Sailing Tall Ship for Indonesia

25 Juni 2013

OLIVER DESIGN is developing the Architectural Design and Turnkey accommodation of the new Sailing Tall Ship for the Indonesian Navy to be built by Astilleros Freire in Vigo (photo : Oliver Design)

The Freire shipyard  from Vigo, Spain has finally awarded the construction of a navy sailing tall ship (schooner) Indonesia, with an investment of 70 million dollars (52 million euros), after submitted to a public competition in which he had been a finalist, along with Polish shipyard, as confirmed to Europa Press reported sources close to the operation.

Thus, the company is finalizing the paperwork to close the deal, and that it has completed the period for comment and no complaints were filed regarding the outcome of the contest. In any case, the sources caution that no work would begin this ship until early next year.

The construction of the training ship, awarded on a competitive bidding process of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Indonesia, is workload for two years and would employ 63 workers Freire template and hundreds of industry workers Auxiliary.

This is a schooner of 110 meters in length, with rig type Bricbarca and 3350 meters square sail. It will have capacity to accommodate 200 people on board, of which 120 are cadets in training, as explained by the shipyard.


Paulino Freire Shipbuilding thanked the efforts and support of the President of the Xunta, Alberto Nunez Feijoo, and the Ministries of Defense and Industry. Also, the company has confirmed that, "soon", a delegation from China travel to the shipyard to formalize the contract.

Moreover, the shipyard, whose workers are affected by a Redundancy Temporary Employment and rotary (early March to end of August), remains "open trading several fronts" to obtain contracts with Saudi Arabia, Norway or India. The company also plans to deliver in coming days the 'Discovery', the most advanced research vessel in the world in its category, commissioned by a scientific research organization in Britain.


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