21 Juni 2013

Large Ocean Vessels from Hong Ha

21 Juni 2013

3rd TT-400 gunship/artillery ship currently under construction at Hong Ha Shipyard. (photo : QDND)

QĐND Online - The first year, only factory ship repair river, sea and river. To date, the plant was able to play the type of ship from simple technology to complex, from small to load large payload (6,500 tons). Also from the factory, some of the new ships have been successful, contributing power to defend the sovereignty of the sacred island of the country. It's about time we heard of the Red River Shipyard on a day in June ...

Boats leave the dock, full of fun

Being attached to the Red River shipyard has more than 30 years now, so all our questions were Colonel Nguyen Van Dac, political commissar replied rim factory walls: From production capacity, technology, quality human resources to implement the results of socio-defense of plants annually. Colonel Nguyen Van Dac share:

- As the military business, economic tasks associated with Defense, for many years, Hong Ha Shipyard has always done good work repairing and building ships for the task of army. Along with that, many factories have closed vessels for export to foreign countries, including the European market.

Only in 2006, the factory has exported 9 ships with tonnage from 2,800 tons to 3,500 tons to the European-market is considered a "difficult". It was thanks to frequent this market should serve skilled staff, engineers, technicians increasingly been raised, ensuring "do it anywhere".

That's shipbuilding exports. What about the more warships attractive. In 2008, tasked to deploy ships phaoTT400 production, the plant is designed research-based technology design specifications of foreign buyers. After closing completed as designed, the plant continues to research and propose to the General Department of Defence Industry and the Department of Defense to deploy modern weapons systems on board, the task of serving the Air Navy. The ship is the first fireworks plant in the form of deployment experts guide you integrated weapon system, the expert of your 2nd monitor, we do all the work content and the plant is close the 3rd deployment.

After launch, the first two ships carried cannon shot for customs inspection, customs of the land and sea-to-air, lowering the target from the first rounds and was handed over to the Navy.

Recalling the close of the day implemented the first artillery ship, Lieutenant Colonel Le Van Ruler, deputy technical director Hong Ha Shipyard, said: "Tau cannon TT400 is new and difficult, first produced in Vietnam. To prepare for the deployment of production, the factory organizations to visit the manufacturing process of these vessels in your country. Then plant gathered a team of highly qualified engineers most, in collaboration with institutes, schools and units you have experience in ship construction to production deployment and has achieved initial success , when two gun ships were handed over to the Navy, stable operation, good quality ".

Meanwhile, Mr. Luu Van Ly, deputy production teams (Enterprise hull, Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company), was engaged from the first to the 3rd, recalled: "Implementation of Ship fireworks, we have access to technology, new processes and equipment for new production; largely used for shipbuilding steel thin, easily deformed during the construction process, while product quality requirements This bridge is very strict by artillery ships, requiring high accuracy. Therefore, we have actively acquiring new technology, has joined the training courses, training and strict adherence to all process technologies in the construction process. So far we are absolutely confident in the ship construction 3rd fireworks. "

One of 2 TT400 artillery ship by Hong Ha Shipyard manufacture, test firing practice. (photo: Van Hung)

Attracting talent, technology investment

To get the above success, one of the important reasons is because the factory was concerned worthy investment for training human resources and science and technology.

Colonel Nguyen Van Dac said so far, the factory has over 100 engineers of various kinds. These are important human resources, contribute to improving the quality of products and rebranding of the plant. Solve "problem" of high-quality human resources, plant proposed on the work of engineers have good qualifications, the specialized shipbuilding factory, self-training and re-training of staff, the existing staff, recruiting the best students, graduated in shipbuilding by incentives such as salary, bonuses and other forms of compensation.

In addition, to promote improved plant mechanical systems and shopping is the new device. Currently, the plant has a variety of payroll modern machinery such as CNC cutting machine programming, 700 ton hydraulic presses, sheet processing lines, lifting system wharf, Europe sink, gas weapons factory resources ... Information Technology staff also, plant engineer effective applications, through software such as casing, mechanical, electrical, furniture.

Also due attention focused on investing in science and technology, it is only in the past 2 years, Hong Ha Shipyard has been awarded two major prizes. It's "Editor shipbuilding process technology TT400," State-level award in 2012, "Research innovation technology design and manufacturing construction of ships 2,800 tons of asphalt," Science Prize VIFOTECT technologies (May 3-2013).

Contribute to solving problems in the construction process as well as in the production deploy new equipment, modernization, to include advisory roles, and propose direct implementation team of young scientists of the plant. According to the press introduction of the factory committee, we've met Captain Le Van Chung, Deputy Head of KCS, team leaders, young scientists. A small example of his questions had been answered by our team in the role of young scientists. He said the General, with the acceptance of software deployment and ships' hulls HCS4.0 Shipcontractor software, deployment hull, tube dynamics, ventilation air conditioning, electrical cable tray, were conducted on ... computer. Without the software, the field worker to actual measurements. Therefore, the use of the software has reduced the time of construction technicians in fact, provide high accuracy and increased labor productivity, product quality, and health insurance for employees.

"Over the years Team 8 young scientists in operation, one of the most favorite things that I was this team of young engineers as growth in the deployment process technology and production management, production management" - Testimony of Captain Le Van Chung hammer sound mixing, sound machine gun ship under construction 3rd. Not much longer, from Hong Ha, this ship will boast the largest beachfront ...


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