17 Juni 2013

"Killer" Submarine Hunting Helicopter

17 Juni 2013

Ka-28 of the Vietnam Navy (photos : Tuoitre, ttvnol) 

TT - 954 Regiment (372nd) is the only regiment in VN with a helicopter squadron and submarine hunting helicopter is the most modern submarine hunting in Southeast Asia.

6pm, at the airbase of 954 regiments. "525 for permission to take off," turn off the permit and report. "Lets take off" - command flying from the bridge over the machine to say no.

Minutes platoon consists of two Ka-28 hunting ground - was dubbed "assassins hunting ground" on the beach with numbers 525 and 520 - was ordered to come to the sea to carry out all the flight training the most complex scientific : hung at a height of 25m above the sea to drop submarine detection equipment and destroy submarines ...

Submarine detection

In the morning, sun blind murky. Sea and sky joined together like a giant ribbon, can not distinguish between the sea, where the horizon is. 6.30. Change "hunter killer submarine" was present at Ka-28 X coordinates, about 60km from shore. The 525 fly at an altitude of 100m to detect submarine duty. Meanwhile at the top, the 520 mounted missiles flying at an altitude of 300m circle willing to destroy the submarine duty. "525 would allow the region to be conducted detect submarines" - the pilot said over 525 Ka-28 number of machines does not. "It is possible to detect submarines" - orders from headquarters said.

The glider circling 525, starting from 100 meters down to 25 meters high and plane crashes (keep the plane in the state of rest in the sea). Today tailwind to fly a plane go faster speed makes the control plane more difficult. Under the sea, the wind from the propellers of the twin-engine "assassins hunting ground" created hundreds of huge circular rings connected together by a gorgeous white water. "Plane crashes well," the pilot reported. In the rear seat pilot, navigation officer 2 start button drop-submarine detection equipment to position VGS suspected enemy submarine. The pilot operation VGS drop detector too good, not location services, wireless VGS down perpendicular to the surface.

1 Officers navigation (navigation task and use the media throw shooting) reported detecting submarines. Radar screen clearly displays coordinates, azimuth, distance goal. After dropping buoys mark the location submarines, about 525 headquarters and quickly obtained VGS detectors, escape from the coordinates. Immediately, the "hunter killer submarine" Ka-28 number 520 is flying circles above descend coordinates submarines. "520 has better identify submarine location, ask permission to destroy." "Allowed to kill" orders from headquarters allowed.

Just less than two minutes, 520 were in the right position and destroy missile submarines. The successful implementation of all flight training, Strike "hunter killer submarine" straight towards the base. Two pilots were selected in a training flight this morning at 8X generation: lieutenant Chu Van Duong (born in 1983) and lieutenant Nguyen Manh Vietnam (b. 1981). Two officers led the way: Lt. Col. Andy Tran Van Thang powder and those with long years of experience working with Ka28.

Portrait of "killer"

Currently Ka28 is considered one of the "hunter killer submarine" formidable world. With maritime reconnaissance missions, search and destroy submarines, Ka-28 be regarded as anti-submarine force's major naval VN.

What makes the Ka-28 unique structure is designed to raise two coaxial rotors turning in opposite directions instead of just one main rotor helicopters tradition. The engine is equipped with two turbine shaft Ka28 TV3-117V allows maximum speed 270 km / h, range up to 980km.

In addition, the advantages of this intelligent innovation is totally eliminates tail rotor, reducing noise and aircraft size width. Also, it helps helicopter maneuverability and flexibility. And because it has no tail rotor "hunter killer submarine" can landing in all weather conditions. Ka28 can land on those small boats and helicopters that others can not.

"Submarine hunter killer" features the versatile tactical skills, have the ability to find and destroy submarines with three different schemes with the most modern equipment currently at a depth of three times the depth of operation of submarines.

Earlier, Ka-25 helicopter hunting ground only one option detector detectors from APM (magnetic probe generated from submarine shells). Ka-28 also has the ability to detect submarines with sonar buoy radio RGB (with radio waves to detect submarines emit radio signals over the air) and humidity VGS (sound detection of submarines propeller) .

Ka-28 is equipped with surveillance radar and surface mount devices more resistant to interference, jamming unable to detect submarines. Its weapons bay itself leads carry torpedoes, depth bombs and mines. While helicopters have retrofitted pontoon boat, life jackets for marine landing on the Ka-28 is equipped with life jackets for aircraft to float on water in emergencies. The rear of Ka-28 have rubber boat was packed. 2 officers tasked navigation push boats, inflatable orchestrated to jump into the sea when a situation to an emergency landing in the sea.

The only hunting ground Squadron VN

Most of the crew members was the forerunner of Ka-28 forces moved from bases Cat Bi (Haiphong) on. The next generation of young pilots are due to class first Ka28 pilots trained, trained in Russia.

In addition to the theory of helicopter pilots other pilots to learn Ka-28 working principles, composition, failures and how to handle and overcome, learn airport rules, meteorology, navigation and flight safety, air though ... What is special Ka-28 main driver (pilot) has the ability to do all the technical work.

"It has been far out at sea operations, the control system so complex Ka-28 pilot training harder than the other helicopters, take more time - Lieutenant Colonel Hoang Manh Hai, head of politics, said - Ka28 Pilots want learners to have 300 hours flying on another helicopter.

Newly graduated pilots to undergo long training on Mi8 then learn to drive Ka28 regrading. Take at least two years of continuous training (usually three years) due to long training syllabus, the training of complex scientific, uses feature extraction system equipped submarines difficult search. " "Learning Theory complex, while also using less complex" - pilots lieutenant said Nguyen Manh Vietnam.

Vietnam and lieutenant Lieutenant Chu Van Duong, born in 1983, the youngest member of the fleet. In particular, the new lieutenant was flying single general Duong difficult position: Applications combat flying extremely low altitude over the sea (25m). To accomplish all this hard flying, he took a few years to fly on land with all different flight.

"The hard part of all is when flying sonar located at X, the pilot must calculate how the plane landed in the 5-10km radius to hear the submarine signal. If down too far or misses misses to the right than the X position, it will not signal gain submarine ".

"Perfect Couple"

Currently, two missile warships guard Gepard 3.9 class stealth naval VN (Dinh Tien Hoang and Ly Thai) is the airport's taxiways Ka-28 helicopters. "Hunter killer submarine" with special strong anti-submarine ability of the warship Gepard 3.9 (with navigation system-2em VDS modern sonar in the present type of sonar to locate, scan width and radius of up to 800m deep) will become the "perfect couple" powerful in detecting and destroying enemy submarines in combat.

Night flight training

Not only flight training days, Ka-28 pilots also fly coach all night, from simple to complex. "Prior to flight a day, regimental commander or flight commander flying in to board and inspect the quality of the crew prepared - Vietnamese Colonel Nguyen Hung, 954 Regiment regimental said - if achieved requirements of 7 points or more will be allowed to practice flying. Less than 7 points will start or stop the flight test. On deployment flight, pilots must fly to the airport an hour before, health care, the task of flying ... If necessary, the regimental commander or commander added last test flight. We caution that because the sea air very complex, many potential risks. Such as hanging plane but a broken engine. If not handled well, calm easy plane plunged into the sea! Due to frequent flying away to the sea and sea should be staying Ka-28 pilots and so the new field handling situations quickly and accurately. That's what makes them proud. "


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