18 Januari 2014

Missile Defense Strategy of Vietnam Covers Spratly Islands

18 Januari 2014

Redut 4K44 mobile coastal defense missile (all photos : BaoMoi) 

With a range of over 400 km, covering the whole of the Spratly Islands Vietnam, combined REDUT-M missile defense strategy archipelago Vietnam.

Orders alarm rang ... In less than 5 minutes, the vehicle missile launchers rumbled out into combat positions. Missile launch tubes longer than 10m rapid rise into the air direction. Officers shoot driver in the lead car quickly deploy equipment directive nosing search target, the crew informed of rang loudly determine coordinates, the target location is key enemy ships are currently marine area infringe on the sovereignty of Vietnam. Startup fuel hissed sharply blown rock grouting rear platform, P-35 missile is ready to receive commands ... " Zoom ".

It's been reported Infonet images published March 17/1 for rehearsals of rocket 679 Union Navy in Hai Phong, the unit is equipped with missile REDUT-M, radio control Skala-E, using sea ​​missiles on P-35, P-28, P-28M ... is a weapon in the weapons system powering strategy of the Vietnam People's Navy.

REDUT missile - M missiles used for marine - P-35, P-28, P-28M ... In particular, P-35 missile has a range of over 400 km technique, are considered in the strategic missiles tasked to protect the island Vietnam.

Anti-ship cruise missiles P-35 is the main component of the missile defense system the coast range REDUT developed by the Soviet Union in the 1960s.

Name of P-35 has a massive size. It has a length of 10.2 m, a body diameter of nearly 1m wingspan of 2.6 m (can be folded in tubes), weighing up to 4.5 tonnes reporters. In particular, P-35 warhead assembly weighs 1 ton of explosives often enough sinking large warships (including carrier).

To launch missiles, 4 foot hydraulic cylinder is activated to position the car fixed launcher. Larger pipe is a hydraulic lift at an angle other than 20 degrees to the surface of the vehicle launch.

Then, rocket launchers are pushed out by the starter motor speed solid fuel. In certain height, turbine KRD-26 jet activates target missiles, supersonic cruise speed (Mach 1.4), a range of over 400 km. With this range, the P-35 was considered anti-ship missiles have a range of Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Guided missile combines inertial navigation systems, calibration parameters throughout the journey and active radar in the last phase.

The command is sent to the guided missile command from the ground station via the image of the missile radar provided via a video data link.

From missile radar images provided , the control officer will identify and target the preferred choice, and then lock the target by the missile's active radar. In the absence of guidance from the support of reconnaissance aircraft , missile control officer will launch 3-4 missiles simultaneously.

One of the missiles will be controlled soar higher than the other missiles. The missile will use its radar to guide the missile attack left a ship or a vessel is detected by the radar planes.


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