04 April 2017

RTA to Replace AH-1F Cobra Attack Helicopter

04 April 2017

RTA AH-1F Cobra attack helicopter (photo : wingsofsiam)

Another issue that has resurfaced in recent years is the launch of a new attack helicopter by the Royal Thai Army to replace the seven AH-1F in the 3rd Battalion Army Aviation Centers.

Composed of AH-1F, supplied in 1991, 3 machines from the original 4 units (1 unit fall at the north over 10 years ago) and the four units AH-1F EDA repaired in a year 2011.

AH-1F is the same as UH-1H with long life and no spare parts production line. Need to be discharged in the near future.

Chinese Z-10 attack helicopter (photo : pakwheels)

The Army Aviation Center needs 8 new helicopters to fly, but no information is available what type of attack is this now? Attack helicopters are : France-Germany Tiger, Leonardo A129 Mangusta, Italy/Turkish Aerospace Industries T129 ATAK, Russian Mil Mi-28NM and may include with Chinese Z-10.

However, the need to provide new attack helicopters to replace the AH-1F is still in limited budget. The Army needs to supply helicopters for general use, such as the need for AW-149 and Mi-17V5 for new more, etc.


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  1. berikan cobranya pada malaysia...kesian tak de heli attack

    1. makasih wong suwandaru karena prihatin ke tetangga serumpunnya...

  2. teramat kasihan malaysia tu.....thai harusnya donation kat malaysia...now malaysia merepek harap hibah arab...qatar...kuwait...kesian....kesian

  3. The AH1Z would be a great replacement for the Cobra. Cost wise the Zulu costs USD 35 million compared to USD 37 million for the Tiger. The combat readiness of Zulu is much better than Tiger. As for the A129, T129 and Z10, data is not available. Well I wish the best for TAF.