14 Oktober 2010

Fighter Training Planes Grounded

14 Oktober 2010

RAAF's Hawk LIFT aircraft (photo : Australian Aviation)

Fighter training planes at two RAAF air bases will remain grounded until investigators determine what caused a Hawk plane to shut down while taxiing for take-off in Western Australia.

The incident occurred on Monday, at RAAF Base Pearce, on Perth's outskirts.
Defence said Hawks were used as fighter trainers at Pearce and RAAF Base Williamtown in NSW.

"As a safety precaution Hawk flying at both (bases) ... is on hold pending further investigation," Defence said in a statement on Wednesday.

An investigation has ruled out fuel contamination as the cause of the incident, a spokesman said.

There are 33 Hawks in the Australian Defence Force, procured under the 1995-96 budget.

They will remain grounded pending further investigation into the cause of the fault.

"This is in line with our RAAF safety culture," the spokesman said.

The two-seater aircraft are used for initial fighter training to prepare aircrew for flying F18 Hornets or F-111 strike aircraft.

(Sidney Morning Herald)

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