29 Oktober 2010

Vietnam Starts Build Project 12418 "Molnya"

29 Oktober 2010

Molnya missile corvette (photo : ttvnol)

Vietnam has started mass production of missile boats Molniya Project 12418 under license purchased from Russia

MOSCOW, (ARMS-TASS) Vietnam has started serial production of 10 missile launches a Molniya Project 12418 under licenses acquired from Russia.
Production commenced in the contract for purchase of 12 boats of this type, the first two of which were built in Rybinsk and transferred to Vietnam in 2007-2008. About this ARMS-Tass learned at the international exhibition "Interpolitech", opened today in the OCE in Moscow.

Currently, the Vietnamese shipyard laid the first boat, currently under construction on the design and technological documents transmitted to the Vietnamese side of the St. Petersburg Central Maritime Design Bureau (IKBB) "Almaz", where a project 12418.

The Russian side is also responsible for the technical supervision of construction and provides all the necessary consultations.

All Vietnamese boat building will be equipped with both domestic and foreign equipment.

As previously reported ARMS-Tass Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSVTS Russia), Mikhail Dmitriev, between Russia and Vietnam is an agreement for licensed production of Russian missile boats, which cost almost reached 1 billion. In addition, in the next few years Vietnam will be delivered two patrol craft "Gepard-3.9", which are built on Zelenodolsk Shipyard.

As emphasized by Mikhail Dmitriev, "Vietnam - a strategic partner of Russia in military-technical sphere, the country is among the top ten states with which Russia has the most large-scale cooperation."

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