28 Oktober 2010

Philippine Army Acquire 21 Airboats from Australian Goverment

28 Oktober 2010

Philippine army received 21 airboats from Australia (photo : Philippine Army PAO)

The Philippine Army recently acquired 21 new airboats from the Australian government under the Joint Philippines-Australia Army Watercraft (JPAAW) Project. The airboats and their ancillary support and maintenance equipment arrived at Polloc Port, Parang, Maguindanao on 11 September 2010. Initial operational testing of the boats has been conducted in time for the formal handover of the airboats by the Australian Government to the Philippine Government on 15 October 2010.

Detail of Airboat (photo : Philippine Army PAO)

Under the joint project, Australia and the Philippines have developed an Army watercraft capability to support the AFP’s conduct of counter terrorism and humanitarian operations in the Liguasan Marshes. One of the components of the project is the provision by Australia of 21 airboat systems, each consisting of an airboat and trailer, together with basic operator training and two-year in-service support. The watercraft will enhance the AFP’s capacity to patrol the riverine waterways of the Liguasan Marsh and thereby help deny access to the area by transnational terrorist groups and improve security for the benefit of local communities. The watercraft will also provide the AFP with a capability to conduct enhanced humanitarian relief operations around the marshlands.

The airboat used for patrol the riverine (photo : mindanaoexaminer)

Australia’s support for the JPAAW Project is part of a wide-ranging commitment to assist the Philippines in meeting security and development challenges in Mindanao.

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