02 Mei 2011

Air Force's New Orion Officially Welcomed Into Service

02 Mei 2011

RNZAF welcomed home the first upgraded P-3K2 Orion (photo : Janner88)

The Air Force's new Orion will be officially welcomed into service today.
The new P-3K2 will be shown off at the air base at Whenuapai, after being upgraded in the United States.

The other five Orion's are to be upgraded in Blenheim where they will be given a new data management sensor and communications and navigation systems.

The upgrade is considered a significant milestone for the New Zealand Defence Force because the planes will be able to do more than just marine patrols.

The Government's forking out 373 million to upgrade the six Orion's, in the hope they will be able to keep flying for another 15 years.

(NZ Herald)

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