03 Mei 2011

BAE Awarded Contract for Defence’s IBFT

03 Mei 2011

CT-4B basif flying training aircraft (photo : Nathan Long)

BAE Systems Australia Limited has been awarded a six-year contract to provide Interim Basic Flying Training to the ADF until Project AIR 5428 delivers a new pilot training system for the ADF.

The total value of this contract is $86.6m. The contract was awarded after a comprehensive tender process.

Basic Flying Training is an essential stepping stone for the future capability of Australia’s air power.
Under the contract, BAE Systems will continue to provide basic flying training at Tamworth using the CT-4B Airtrainer aircraft, upgraded to meet contemporary crashworthiness requirements.

Instrument panel of the CT-4B (photo : Colin Hunter)

Commencing in January 2012, the six-year contract includes annual extension options for Defence, for up to a further six years.

Basic Flying Training plays an important role in providing a cost-effective training solution for initial flying training for the ADF. Once personnel graduate from this course, Army personnel continue on to helicopter training at Oakey Army Aviation Airfield in Queensland; Navy and Air Force personnel continue to Advanced Flying Training at RAAF Base Pearce outside Perth.

Project AIR5428 is expected to deliver a new pilot training system in the 2015-17 timeframe.

(Australian DoD)

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