12 Mei 2011

Australia to Buy 101 More Bushmasters

12 Mei 2011

Bushmaster - protected mobility vehicle (photo : ausairpower)

More Bushmasters for Afghanistan

The Australian Government has approved the purchase of an additional 101 Bushmaster protected mobility vehicles to support Australian Defence Force (ADF) operations in Afghanistan.

Minister for Defence Stephen Smith and Minister for Defence Materiel Jason Clare announced the purchase today.

The Bushmaster has proven to be a most effective combat vehicle, providing Australian troops with mobility and protection, including against Improvised Explosive Devices.

It has unquestionably saved lives in Afghanistan.

The purchase provides for operational attrition.

31 Bushmasters have been damaged beyond repair in recent years and their replacement with a further 70 vehicles will support current and future operations.

Defence will also evaluate a range of enhancements to the Bushmaster vehicle to increase the level of protection it provides to ADF personnel.

If these enhancements are viable they may be applied to the 101 vehicles.

The purchase of the Bushmasters is subject to the satisfactory negotiation of a contract with acceptable terms and conditions including in relation to performance, cost and schedule.

Details of costs will be released on finalisation of contract details.

Under standing arrangements, Defence will be supplemented for the cost of Bushmasters damaged on operations, with the remainder to be funded from the Defence Capability Plan.

(Australian DoD)

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