30 Mei 2011

Second Gepard Class Frigate was Shipped to Vietnam

30 Mei 2011

Gepard 3.9 frigate for Vietnam Navy (photo : JSC Zelenodolsk Shipyard)

After successful sea- and acceptance trials, the secondGepard 3.9 class ship built byZelenodolsk Shipyard was sent to the customer.

The ship was loaded aboard the special-purpose transport vessel Eide Transporter on May 25 and shipped to Vietnam on May 26. Estimated duration of the cruise is 65 days.

As was earlier reported, all mechanisms, systems, and armament of the ship conform to the contract specifications and technical design.

The ship has improved navigability, maneuverability, dynamism, steering capabilities, and longer cruising range. The interior design was also changed with regard to the orderer's wishes expressed after the first frigate's delivery. According to experts, the second ship is more serviceable and easier to operate.


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