09 Mei 2011

ST Engineering's Electronics Arm Awarded S$68m Contract to Supply Army Gunnery Tactical & Driving Simulation Systems

09 Mei 2011

Armoured Gunnery & Tactical Simulator /AGTS (photo : STEE)

Singapore, - ST Engineering today announced that its electronics arm, ST Electronics, has been awarded a S$68m contract to supply Army Gunnery Tactical & Driving Simulation Systems to the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), Singapore. The contract was awarded through ST Electronics' wholly owned subsidiary, ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems). Work on the contract commences immediately and the systems are expected to be delivered in 2014.

Under this contract, a highly flexible simulation system will be developed for various armoured vehicles. In order to maximise cost effectiveness, the new Army Gunnery Tactical & Driving Simulation Systems will be designed to accommodate existing components where possible by applying a roll-in-roll-out concept to both the gunnery and the driving simulators. This will allow users to easily configure the systems with any combination of turrets and vehicles.

ST Electronics had previously delivered an Armoured Gunnery & Tactical Simulator to the Singapore Armed Forces in early 2002. Under the new contract, it will also upgrade and develop the existing Armoured Gunnery & Tactical Simulator (AGTS), Infantry Crew Tactical Simulator (ICTS), Armoured Driving Simulator (ADS) and Infantry Driving Simulator (IDS) for MINDEF.

"We are delighted to be awarded this project as it represents an important milestone in the development of indigenous simulation technologies. The Army Gunnery Tactical & Driving Simulation Systems will enable our troops to train realistically and cost-effectively. It will also allow our soldiers to train within a full spectrum network-centric environment that involves integrated combined arms operations and in combat scenarios that may be flexibly tailored to meet the specific training requirements of the soldier and his combat unit." ~ LEE Fook Sun, President, ST Electronics.


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