06 Mei 2011

Malaysian And Aussie Navies In Joint Exercise

06 Mei 2011

HMAS Ballarat-155 frigate (photo : Militaryphotos)

MELBOURNE, (Bernama) -- The Australian and Malaysian navies are taking part in a week-long exercise called "Mastex", a bilateral maritime warfare exercise being conducted in the Straits of Melaka since Tuesday.

Anzac class frigates HMAS Parramatta and Ballarat are involved in the exercise, alongside Royal Malaysian Navy's corvettes KD Lekiu and KD Kelantan, the Australian Defence Force said in a statement.

KD Lekiu-30 frigate (photo : Militaryphotos)

It said Mastex would provide the opportunity for both navies to improve their operations and mutual understanding in common aspects of naval warfare. The exercise will also involve the use of multinational air assets.

Commanding Officer of HMAS Parramatta, Commander Heath Robertson, said the opportunity to work alongside a close regional partner would be of great benefit to both navies.

KD Kelantan-175 corvette (photo : Militaryphotos)

"Exercising with the Royal Malaysian Navy and operating in a joint environment will enable techniques to be practised and improved in the area of maritime security, including anti-surface, anti-air and anti-submarine warfare scenarios," he said.

The statement said this year marked the eighth iteration of the Mastex series which underscored the long-standing and mature relationship that Australia had with Malaysia, and recognised that the two nations shared a common interest in the stability and security of the Southeast Asian region.

HMAS Parramatta-154 frigate (photo : Deagel)

The Royal Australian Navy maintains a regular bilateral exercise programme with Malaysia, with both nations also engaging in multilateral exercises under the Five Power Defence Arrangements framework.


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