18 Mei 2012

Japan Provides Patrol Ships to the Philippines

18 Mei 2012

The oldest 1.000 ton ship operated by Japan Coast Guard is Shiretoko class high endurance cutters (970 ton and 77,8m in length), Japan has 26 ships of this type with hull number PL-101 to PL-128, all ships built between 1978 -1981 (photo : os-dream)

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported on Thursday that Japan has decided to provide the Philippines with patrol ships, to support the island country in its territorial dispute against China.

The newspaper said that Japan has decided to provide vessels, including 1.000 ton patrol ships, to the Philippines by the end of the year. The move comes after the Japanese government eased last year the Three Principles of Arms Export, which bans Japan from exporting its arms.

The newspaper explained that this is a move to raise the Philippines’ maritime safety capabilities in the South China Sea, where it is clashing with China over sovereignty rights.

The United States and members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations are said to be keeping China in check as part of their efforts to maintain maritime security, which Japan also supports.


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