02 Mei 2012

US Offers Singapore $435 Million F-15SG Support Package

02 Mei 2012

The munitions for F-15SG include 40 GBU-10 Paveway laser guided bombs and 85 GBU-12s (photo : nighteye)

The US government could sell Singapore a support package related to Republic of Singapore Air Force Boeing F-15SG detachment located at Mountain Home air base in Idaho.

The five year Foreign Military Sales (FMS) package includes a range of bombs and guidance units, as well as other support services related to the Singapore Peace Carvin V detachment, says the Defense Security Cooperation Agency. It values the deal at $435 million.

The announcement follows a request from the Singapore government. The munitions include 40 GBU-10 Paveway laser guided bombs and 85 GBU-12s.

"Singapore needs this training and munitions to support its F-15 aircraft," says the DSCA. "This program will enable Singapore to develop mission-ready and experienced pilots to support its current and future F-15 aircraft inventory. The

well-established pilot proficiency training program at Mountain Home air force base will support professional interaction and enhance operational interoperability with U.S. forces."

Given space constraints in Singapore, several units are based overseas on a semi-permanent basis. Singapore operates 24 F-15SGs.


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