09 Mei 2012

Vietnam Coast Guard Equipped with Modern Equipment

09 Mei 2012

Some pictures of the modern type of ship of Vietnam Coast Guard (all photos: BaoDatViet, ttvnol)

In recent years, to ensure security and order, safety and shelf seas, the Coast Guard has been focused on buying new ships and aircraft patrols.

Coast Guard is a specialized force of the State, functioning security management, order, safety and ensure the observance of the law of Vietnam and international treaties which Vietnam has signed relevant or participant in the sea areas and continental shelf of Vietnam.

At the same time, the Vietnam Marine Police is responsible for inspection and control to protect the sovereignty, maintaining security and order, safety, protection of natural resources, pollution prevention, detecting prevent, fight avoid violations of the law of Vietnam.

Coast Guard also participated in international activities drank to maintain security and order, peace and stability on the sea. Collect, receive information, timely and notify the relevant authorities under the provisions of law involved in search and rescue, maritime troubleshoot and implement conservation activities environment.

Participate in the propagation and dissemination, legal education for people working on the sea, and coordinate with other forces to protect the property of the State, the lives and property of citizens and lawful means of operation sea ​​areas and continental shelf of Vietnam.

Currently, the Coast Guard is equipped with modern ships such as K206 ship, boat DN-2000, TT-200 ships, 3500 CV rescue tugs, high-speed patrol boats 120 and 400, Casa 212 aircraft - 400 weeks of surveillance device MS 600, radar and other types of reconnaissance equipment, crime prevention and drug equipment and other operations.

Here are some pictures of the modern type of ship that the Coast Guard Vietnam is equipped with:

Coast Guard vessel DN 2000 is as versatile ships of advanced design, modern fully meet international standards. Ship functions and duties are to patrol and protect sovereignty over sea and islands, law enforcement on the sea areas and continental shelf of Vietnam.

Search and rescue at sea areas of Vietnam and international upon request, at last the ship in distress that stretch of water to 2200 tons. Move troops, logistical support for forces operating at sea, islands, perform other duties as assigned.

Ships operating in sea areas and continental shelf of Vietnam, with unlimited range, ships operating in windy conditions for 12, the continuous operation time was 40 days and nights at sea, operating range of 5000 knots.

High-speed patrol boats TT-200 is as high speed steel by the Naval Institute hiet design techniques. Ships operating in wave conditions for 7 and 8, can withstand the level 9, range of 1,800 nautical miles.

CV 3500 rescue tug is equipped with a combination of rescue pumps were installed in the main compartment.

Through one door private beach, the water supply of fire fighting, fire retardant foam Foam 2 spray gun mounted on the cab roof of diameter D = 90 mm throat spray, spray distance range at a 45 degree angle to the flow 350 m3 / h gun range can reach up to 75 m (more >>).

High-speed patrol boats TT 120 patrol function to defend the sovereignty and security and order in Vietnam's waters, control and prevent the vessels violation of State regulations on customs, fishing production, resource exploitation and environmental protection in Vietnam waters.

High-speed patrol boats TT 400 is high speed steel, as well as ship that features high technology, modern equipment. The ability to automate, integrate the equipment on board and take the air sync to level 10.

Casa 212-400 aircraft is landing short is designed for modern transport missions, sea reconnaissance patrol. Aircraft equipped with two engine propeller TPE331-12JR-701C 935 horsepower allows for high speed 370km / h, range near 2.000kg. Casa 212 can carry two 500kg of weapons on wing pylons (more >>).

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