10 Agustus 2012

Air Force Surveillance Planes for South

10 Agustus 2012

Fairchild Au-23 Peacemaker (photo : sakpinit promthep)

The air force is set to deploy a special task force to the far South to support the military's anti-insurgency operations on the ground.

Camera mounted under the fuselage of Au-23 Peacemaker (photo : skyman)

Air force chief ACM Itthiporn Supawong said the unit would use Au-23 Peacemakers, a single-engined highwing plane, for aerial surveillance and C-130s for transportation and military deployments in the area.

He said the air force will also deploy a twin engined DA-42 to support the surveillance missions. It is more more advanced aircraft and equipped with real-time cameras. Its surveillance systems could operate during the day and at night and it is suited for reconnaissance over forests.

Diamond DA-42 aerial surveillance support (photo : abpic)

Air force chief said he had discussed the matter with Defence Minister Sukumpol Suwanatat.

The unit had been trained to co-ordinate with ground forces and was ready to deploy as soon the Ministry gives the green light, ACM Itthiporn said.

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