17 Agustus 2012

Two More Svetlyak Class were Sent to Vietnam

17 Agustus 2012

By 2008, Vietnam continued to contract with Rosoboronexport to purchase four patrol boats Svetlyak Project 10412. Two ships of which are located at JSC Almaz shipbuilding in St Petersburg and has been transferred to Vietnam in 2011. (all photos : Military Paritet)

"Svetlyak" Sending to Vietnam from Vladivostok

Spotters in Vladivostok was sealed for transport dock ship, Eide Transporter with two loaded on it designed for large naval patrol boats in Vietnam Project 10412 (code "Svetlyak") Vladivostok construction of "East Wharf." The vessel came to Vietnam in the morning August 16, 2012.

Two of these boats were built under contract with the Vietnam "Rosoboronexport", signed in 2008 by four 10.412 project. Two other boats were built at JSC Shipbuilding Company "Almaz" in St. Petersburg, and was transferred to the customer in Vietnam in 2011, received the Vietnamese refer to HQ-264 and HQ-265. Boats ordered" East Yard "(serial numbers 420 and 421) , was laid July 22, 2009, and is also designed to be completed in 2011, but completion was delayed afloat, mainly due to delays in the delivery of 76-mm gun mounts AK-176. As a result both of Vladivostok boats sent to Vietnam is only now .

The vessel Eide Transporter belongs to the Norwegian company Eide Marine Services AS and sails under the flag of the Bahamas. Built in 1983 and has 11,434 tons of dvedveyta. With a total length of 180 meters and 27 meters wide ship is docking length and a width of 153 feet 20. Eide Transporter has repeatedly been drawn for the transportation of military ships, boats and submarines - in particular, bringing to Vietnam two Russian-built missile boat project 12418 in 2010 and two frigates project 11661K "Gepard-3.9" in 2011.

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