01 Desember 2012

Artillery Demonstration at Lopburi (1)

01 Desember 2012

Artillery demostration at Lopburi province (all photos : DTI)

On 12 Nov 2012 at the Artillery Centre demonstrated the artillery at Malone Phu in Lopburi province to the other students and teachers and other staff members visited the briefing and see a demonstration of ordnance and the firing of artillery. The system consists of finding the target, accessibility shot, arms control and warning systems - armored command and control systems. Including the demonstration of anti-aircraft artillery, of Defense Technology Analysis Office of the Registrar had the opportunity to participate in the demonstrations, such information is collected and deposited in accordance with the following.

Trucks and Cargo Rockets
Info: Truck with air cushioning rockets, missiles and manned aircraft firing a rocket into the tube, un-manned rocket vehicle launch pad.
Technical data: trucks with mechanical arms (Crane), packing and un-packing system, hydraulic system and electric control system, hydraulic control system operation only the truck freight / cargo rocket.
Technical data:.
Payload 27,100 kg and rocket strikes four, not including 24,100 kg rocket
Speeds of 75 km / h
The size of the car 11010L x 2500W x 3310H mm
Number four carrier rocket strikes
How to pack a rocket. Controlled by hydraulic power
Time to pack rocket> 20 minutes
Ground level rocket packaging. Slope of less than 3 degrees
The vehicle infantry 3
300 liter fuel tank

Multi-Barreled Rocket DTI-1 – Made in Thailand
General Information: The main weapon used to destroy aggressive, the target area is located deep in the enemy camp, such as airports, telecommunications depot center, the military factory building, political and economic command center, and other important military targets.
Technical and tactical :
20 minute response time to shoot.
System instead of the Salvo or single launch.
Range 180 km distant
Range 60 mile range
At maximum cruising speed of Mach 5.2.
6.376 m long rocket
Diameter 302 mm rockets
Gross weight of the rocket fire when 724 g
Gross weight to 150 kg warhead
Type of warhead ZDB-2B (explosive warhead types).
Performance under the circumstances.
Height above sea level: <3 m="m" o:p="o:p">
Temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius to +55 degrees Celsius.
Relative humidity less than 98% (25 degrees Celsius).
Surface wind speeds less than 8 m / s.
Rain or snow is less than 3 mm / h

Caesar 155mm – Made in France
Information :
The spot size of 155 mm guns mounted on trucks Renault Sherpa 5 6x6 wheel tire with high mobility. Can speed along at 100 km / h travel speed of 50 km / h Range 600 km to the battle conditions at any time. A system that uses onboard terminals communicate Maria Hill Times. Order to hit the desired target set. And as required by the shooting range. The gun control system, hydraulic system and automatic fire be prepared to have fired less than one minute, the gun can fire a variety of ammunition, depending on the target.
Technical data:.
Cannon 155 mm / 52 Excalibur.
Rate of fire up to 6 rounds / min (3 shots only takes 15 seconds).
Range 42 km
Angle 0-60 degrees sweep angle of 30 degrees (15 degrees left - right).
Fire control system, FAST-Hit.
Satellite mapping system SAGEM Sigma 30.
Fire Control Systems / Find the target with radar targets for marine ROB4 muzzle.
Systems Command and C4I (command, control, communications and intelligence).
240 hp diesel engine driving the 13.6 hp / tonne.
The vehicle infantry 6 officers.

Type 85 Multi-Barreled Rocket Launchers - Made in China
The pipe size of 130 mm artillery platform fired a total of 30 tubes
The Rockets shot 30 rounds out within 18 seconds, covering an area of ​​30,000 sq.m.
Range 10 km distant

M16 size  12.7 mm - Made in USA
Range 6660 m far
Shots into the air 725 m
Rate of fire 450-500 rounds / min

L70 – Made in Finland
Range 12.5 km far
Effective range 2,000 m air
Rate of firing 300 rounds / min

M119 size 105 mm – Made in United Kingdom
Range 19.5 km far
Guns and gun car Vice weight 1841 kg
Rate of fire :
- Usually 3 rounds / min
- Maximum 6 rounds / min

M101 size 105mm (upgrade) – Made in USA
Range 17.5 km far
Rate of fire :
- Usually 3 rounds / min
- Up to 10 shots / min

155mm artillery – Made in Thailand
Research and development by the Centre for the Weapon - Center for the Defense Industry and Military Power.
General characteristics:.
Excalibur 155 mm 39 caliber guns
Range 32 km distant
Firing range with 4 km
Time and shoot for about 1 minute
Rate of fire 3 rounds / min
Loaded and fired 20 shots
Loaded semi-automatic
Guns 6 Annual General said
I second car, 10 tons 6 x 6
The 480 horsepower engine
Fuel tank capacity 315 liters
Operating within 900 miles
Maximum speed on road 90 km / h
Speed ​​up the landscape 60 km / h


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