01 Desember 2012

Artillery Demonstration at Lopburi (2)

01 Desember 2012

M109 A5 size 155 mm - Made in USA
Maximum speed 55 km / h
Operating within 354 miles
Range 30 km distant
Load 36 rounds of ammunition
1.07 m deep wading
Rate of fire :
- normal one shots / minute
- Up to 4 shots / min

T59-1 size 130 mm - Made in China
Range 27 490 m distant
Weight 6500 kg
Rate of fire :
- Usually 5 rounds / min
- Up to 8 shots / min

Ordered from left to right

Radar LAADS - Made in USA
A radar warning level, against interference with the detection of 30-60 km can detect targets up to 64 targets ,take 5 minutes to install the machine gunners 4 MR.

The Fire Control (Field Guard MK-2)
The fire control system mounted on a vehicle wheel assembly is 5.5 tons of ammunition, radar tracking, control room staff of air, squad gun display, and generators.
Grad rocket or missile fire control up to 24 units of fire, radius of the radar tracking projectile in the 59 km, fine shot into the goal with a shot PILOT 1 - 3 shots for a precise shot.

Medium Range UAV (Snipe)
Weight by approximately 80 kg
22 HP 350 cc engine
Top speed 250 km / h
Maximum altitude 1000 m
Fuel capacity 15 liters
Flying time 1:30 hrs
Fuel oil petrol mix 95
Distance control - the radio does not have the capacity to control devices from a distance 2 km to the expansion device to the remote controller is 30 km

Weather Forecast System with Radio Soundings VAISALA Radio Theodolite RT20A - Made in Finland
Auto climate evidence that a shot
The Real News for Real Data for the advanced weather place over 18 km
Operating radius in the news :
- The level of 150 km
- 30 km of vertical

The Automatic Mapping Tool SSS (Simplifies Survey System) – Made in USA
Function takes eight minutes to set the level
Position: 7.0 m CEP and 10 minutes of speed to zero
Rating: 3 M PE
Where to move the eyes: 1.0 Mil. PE
Horizontal 2 position: 2.0 Mil. PE

The automatic Mapping Tools (MAPS / APLSS) - Made in USA
The system automatically maps navigation system with Ring Laser GYRO
The operating range is limited
The Alignment takes 90 seconds to 30 minutes depending on the system selected
Range Finder <1 m="m" o:p="o:p">
Power 13 - 36 Vole 4/5 AMPS
The coordinates :
- Coordinates military
- Geographic coordinates

Radar AN/TPQ-36 - Made in USA
The detection limit of the radar gun, bomb fire, and missiles of the enemy
Detect location of bullet drop for us to make adjustments
Detection capabilities :
- 10 targets simultaneously detect the target.
- Primary and detection. Within 24 km
The router computer targeted 99 goals

In addition to demonstrating hardware and the firing of artillery systems, there are various air shows and the ability of a variety of helicopters with the following picture.

Enstrom 408B helicopter - Made in USA

UH-60L Blackhawk helicopter - Made in USA

Mi-17V5 helicopter - Made in Russia


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