12 Desember 2012

ST KINETICS Launches The ExtremV – an Advanced All-Terrain Emergency Vehicle for Disaster Relief and Rescue

12 Desember 2012

Bronco all terrain vehicle in Thailand (photo : Kaksus Militer)

Singapore – ST Kinetics extends its offering of all-terrain vehicles to disaster relief and rescue applications with the launch of the ExtremV, an all-terrain tracked emergency vehicle specially customised for disaster relief and rescue missions. This is in response to a growing demand worldwide for more capable disaster relief and rescue solutions amid volatile weather conditions and devastating natural disasters.

For emergency personnel and supplies to get quickly to disaster-hit areas, it is crucial for countries to ensure the robustness of their disaster relief supply chains. The ExtremV enables quick response and relief into difficult-to-access areas with its high mobility and keeps the vital flow of emergency personnel and supplies going immediately after disaster hits with its high and versatile payload.

The ExtremV, an evolution of ST Kinetics' highly successful BRONCO family of all-terrain tracked vehicles, offers extreme mobility in difficult terrain. Its back cabin can be flexibly configured for multiple disaster relief missions, ranging from emergency rescue, medical evacuation, to fire fighting and transportation of essential supplies.

After Japan’s Tohoku earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in 2011, ST Kinetics partnered with Morita Corporation (Morita) of Japan, a leading provider of fire protection technologies and environmental solutions to the Japanese government, and secured an evaluation contract to supply a Rescue and Transporter variant of the ExtremV to the Japan’s Fire and Disaster Management Agency (FDMA). The Rescue and Transport variant is capable of sending up to 12 rescuers into difficult-to-reach disaster-hit areas to render timely assistance in search and rescue missions.

“The ExtremV, with its all-terrain mobility and multi-role flexibility is ST Kinetics’ response to the rising global demand for a versatile disaster relief and rescue emergency vehicle. We are glad to deliver to the Japanese FDMA a unit of the ExtremV for evaluation and strongly believe that it will prove to be a trusted solution in saving lives and bringing relief to people in times of need.” ~ SEW Chee Jhuen, President, ST Kinetics

At the ExtremV’s launch ceremony on 7 December 2012, ST Kinetics handed over the Rescue and Transporter variant to Morita, which will deliver and support the evaluation of the vehicle by FDMA.

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