28 Desember 2012

The Department of Defense Confirmed: China is Developing a Large Transport Aircraft

28 Desember 2012

Y-20 large transport aircraft (photo & imege : Chinese Military Review)

Reporter: China's first large military transport aircraft Y-20 before exposure, please tell us about the R & D Y-20. Will the Y-20 and when fielded forces, fitted out how improved transport capacity in China?

Yang Yujun: To meet the needs of the national economy and social development, and service of military modernization, better disaster relief, humanitarian relief and other emergency tasks, our country is the development of large transport aircraft to rely on their own strength, strengthen air transport capacity building.

Should be noted that when the large transport aircraft fitted out development of any kind of equipment has its own laws, large transport aircraft is no exception. The technical complexity of large transport aircraft, the need to go through a series of research and development process of the design, prototype, test, test flight of China's large aircraft research and development work is progressing according to plan forward.

(China MoD)

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