30 Mei 2014

Indonesia Plans to Open Maintenance Centre for Russia-Made Helicopters

30 Mei 2014

Russia-made helicopters of the Indonesian Army Aviation (photo : Kaskus Militer)

BANGKOK./ITAR-TASS/. Indonesia, a country in Southeast Asia, plans to open a maintenance centre to service Russia-made helicopters. Four civil helicopters Mil Mi-171 were delivered to Indonesia in early May, the Russian embassy in that country told ITAR-TASS on Wednesday.

Helicopters will be used by several Indonesian agencies and companies, including the National Agency of Emergency Situations. “Creation of a maintenance centre to service this type of Russian aircrafts is on agenda. Its delivery is planned to enlarge to Indonesia,” the Russian diplomatic mission noted.

Meanwhile, supplies of one more type of Russian machinery began to Indonesia in early May. Four trucks KAMAZ were delivered to the country on the order from Indonesian company Tehnika Ina to pass certification. Certification of Russian vehicles is expected to be finalized in September.

“Russia hopes for further successful implementation of joint projects with Indonesian partners on a broad range of trends, including construction of a road infrastructure, reprocessing of mineral resources, civil aviation and others,” the Russian embassy noted.

(Itar Tass)

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