31 Mei 2014

Interior of T-84 Oplot MBT of the Royal Thai Army

31 Mei 2014

T-84 Oplot-M MBT of the Royal Thai Army (photo : KienThuc)

(Kienthuc.net.vn) - T-84 Oplot-M model is considered the most powerful main battle tanks in the Royal Thai Army.

3/2011 Thailand signed a contract with Ukraine great value buy 49 modern battle tank T-84-M Oplot. During the month of 2/2014, 5 the first Oplot-M was delivered to the Royal Thai Army. This number increased mainly for increased crew training Thailand. 

Oplot-M T-84 is considered a form of modern tank top in the world today, was developed based on the T-80UD form of the Soviet Union.

The driver's seat T-84 Oplot-M.

Here is the seating position of gunner. On vehicles equipped with a series of support systems such as computational elements fired ballistic computers, these sensors provide high accuracy for tank gun in the first shot.

The chief seat of vehicles equipped with external viewfinder observed.

The display of the navigation system supports TIUS-NM.

T-84-M used Oplot autoloader systems should Vehicle crew just 3 people instead of 4. Shown is the space inside the turret T-84 Oplot-M.

Oplot-M is equipped with smooth-bore cannon 125mm KBA-3 integrates the ability to launch missiles against overheating, a coaxial machine gun KT-7,62mm guns and catapults rooms KT-12,7mm.

Oplot-M is equipped with modern defense systems include: explosive reactive armor Nozh-2;
proactive defense system Zaslon, interference optical system Varta. This allows the vehicle to deal effectively modern anti-tank weapons in the world.

Behind an Oplot-M.

The Ukraine technicians are checking an Oplot-M.


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