15 Mei 2014

Latest Design of Malaysian Gowind Unfold

15 Mei 2014

Latest design of Malaysian Gowind corvettes (image : DCNS)

That is what will look like future corvettes Gowind kind ordered by Malaysia. Even if the communication around this contract remains very discreet, we know more about these progressively buildings, designed by DCNS and will be made for transfer of technology by the Malaysian construction Boustead Naval Shipyard. In its annual report, DCNS has thus released very recently for the design chosen by Malaysians who expect delivery seeded in 2017.

Stealth 57mm turret and single mast

Outside the lines, more refined images that have so far circulated several things to notice. First, the buildings will not have a 76mm turret, but an electric gun 57mm Bofors in stealth fairing, like the turret fitted to the Swedish Visby corvettes kind. Always armaments, video shows on the back what appears to be two remotely operated 30mm cannon of the British type DS-30. In addition, the Malaysian Gowind will be well equipped with a single mast, radar SMART-S Thales chosen Kuala Lumpur is therefore placed under the cone composite materials developed by DCNS and board for the first time on patrol L'Adroit .

Still no official decision on missiles
Also in the field of electronics, we know that the corvettes will be equipped with a towed sonar Captas 2, supplied by Thales, a fire control TMX EO (for 57mm) and a fire control TMEO (for 30mm) designed by Rheinmetall. While the combat system will be delivered by DCNS, based on his new team SETIS that the multi-mission frigates (FREMM), it would seem logical that the Exocet anti-ship missiles are MM40 and surface-to-air missiles VL Mica, designed by MBDA. No official decision has, however, been taken to date on the choice of these weapons. The same goes for the torpedo.

For the record, Gowind Combat measure in its model base 102 meters long and 16 meters wide and shows a displacement of 2400 tons burden. Able to exceed the speed of 26 knots, with a range of 3,000 miles 15 knots, it can be implemented by 65 crew members, with the building of housing for 25 additional people, such as special forces. They can use the onboard helicopter (platform for a machine shed and 10 tonnes for a camera of 5 tons) and semi-rigid boats.

(Mer Et Merine)

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