23 Mei 2014

Myanmar Inducts First of New Torpedo Craft

23 Mei 2014

T201 FAC-Torpedo of the Myanmar Navy (photo : Myanmar Navy)

The Myanmar Navy (MN) has continued its programme of expansion and modernisation with the launch earlier this month of the first in a new class of torpedo craft.

The indigenously designed and built vessel, with a pennant number of T201, was launched and commissioned at the Rangoon Navy Dockyards on 8 May, according to local press reports.

With an aluminium body and a length of 70 ft (21 m), the new torpedo boat has low observable radar characteristics, a maximum speed of 35 kt, and is reportedly armed with up to eight Russian- or Chinese-manufactured torpedoes.

Intended to become what one report described as a "principal anti-submarine warfare boat" for the MN, the new class appears aimed at reinforcing the capabilities of ageing Chinese-built Type 037 Hainan-class fast attack craft (FAC) submarine-chasers, which have been in the MN's inventory since the early 1990s.


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