30 Juli 2015

Navy Flagship to be Equipped with Missile System

30 Juli 2015

PF-15 BRP Gregorio del Pilar (photo : pdff)

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines - The BRP Gregorio del Pilar Patrol Frigate (PF) 15 will be equipped with missile system for long range threats, according to official.

BRP Gregorio del Pilar, one of the two Philippine Navy (PN) flagships, arrived in this city as part of its routine patrol in southern Philippines.

Navy Captain Vincent Sibala, commander of BRP Gregorio del Pilar said the main firepower of his warship is the 7mm Oto Melara cannon and other armaments which are still working with upgraded sensors.

BRP Gregorio del Pilar, a mainstay in the West Philippine Sea is also equipped with long range radar system that can detect other crafts in the sea.

Sibala said additional guns and sensors are already in the pipeline of the Department of National Defense (DND).

The missile system however is not yet installed.

“But we are looking forward that we will have missile capability soon,” Sibala said. “Because the trainings of our personnel and their performance we are already up to far. Kayang-kaya na po nila yong mag-acquire ng missile.”

Sibala maintained that they strictly follow the trust of the Philippine government not to escalate the situation at the West Philippine Sea.

“We are here for peace and not basically to fight for a war,” Sibala said. “We should be ready but as much as possible, we try to avoid it.”

Sibala cited that they follow the Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea (CUES), an agreement signed by 21 countries, including the Philippines and China, which aims to deescalate naval encounters.


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