25 Juli 2015

Ukraine Confirmed that Vietnam will Buy Su-34 Ground Attack

25 Juli 2015

To replace the fleet of Su-22 fighter-old, maybe in the future Vietnamese Air Force will buy Su-34 heavyweight ground attack of Russia. (photo : AusAirPower)

The above is confirmed by the Group Ukroboronprom arms exports (Ukraine) in the report on "Vietnam military potentials". Accordingly, Vietnam may buy attack aircraft Su-34 and some other modern weapons instead of capital equipment originating from the USSR (former) and the Eastern European countries.

Reportedly this is not the first time foreign speculation about the possibility of Vietnam buy fighter Su-34, January 8/2013, Itar Tass news agency of Russia also posted this information.

Accordingly, Vietnam Air Force will definitely buy Su-34s to replace the Su-22 aircraft were obsolete. Currently, Vietnam Air Force maintains a lot of attack aircraft Soviet aid Su-22M4/UM3K and partly purchased from the 1990s.

Su-34 Fullback in the Russian Air Force's color scheme (photo : Pavel Bukanov)

This type of attack aircraft attack missions destroying all targets on the ground or at sea with these weapons control, no control. However, over the period of use, the Su-22 was old and hard to meet the requirements of modern warfare.

Not only Russia and Ukraine speculation, since 2012, Chinese media have also said the same to say that, whenever the Russian Su-34 agreed to be exported, Vietnam will be the first customer convenient.

Su-34 is rated at 4+ generation aircraft, capable of performing combat missions in all conditions of time, weather. With a maximum cruising speed of about 1.900km/h, the range of the Su-34 is estimated at 4.500km.

VPAF Su-22M4 (photo : Jetphotos)

Su-34's cockpit is equipped with very modern electronic devices, designed with two pilots sit side by side in combat facilitation. Equipped with multi-display functionality, providing information about the situation multidimensional.

The electronics are designed with open computer format, Su-34 is capable of fighting with multiple enemies at once. With very large fuel capacity, Su-34 can fly 4,500 kilometers without refueling.

Designed with the main task of ground attack, but the Su-34 still possesses a formidable aerial ability. With the ability to carry large amounts of weapons, Su-34 Russian military was nicknamed the "flying tank".

Su-34 was designed with 12 pylons and carrying weapons are up to 8,000 kg, it is also intended for the Su-34 equipped with both high precision weapons, Russia's latest Su-34 retained 30 mm cannon GSh-30-1 from the Su-27/Su-30.


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