15 Juli 2015

Two Home-Made Troopers for Venezuela Launched

15 Juli 2015

Roro 5612 ship no 02 (photo : QDND)

PANO - Ha Long One-member Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., under the Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, has successfully launched two troop-carrier ships Roro 5612 numbered No.1 and No.2 for the Venezuelan Navy.

Roro 5612, designed and equipped by the Dutch Damen Group, was built for the Latin American (Venezuela) country under the supervision of the French register DV.

With a length of 57.27m, width of 12m, water displacement of 600 tons, and speed of 10.4 knots per hour, the ship is tasked with transporting supplies to islands, and can carry light amphibious armored vehicles.

As scheduled, the company will hand over the two ships to the new owner in September and the two remaining ships in the fourth quarter of this year.

Additionally, the company is building two oil-service ships for the Damen Group as well as some steel-hull fishing ships intended for locals.


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